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Beginning 7/4/17, pick-up games resume at North Collier Park, 8:15AM. 

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Quote of the week: "If what you did yesterday still seems big, then you havn't done anything today." Wayne Judge, father of  NY Yankee, Aaron Judge.

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Interested in joining Collier County Senior Softball? Contact Comissioner Dan Balagna (989-305-1759) or Directors Ned Bentz (239-405-7313). Click icon below for (mail in) application.

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  December 2016:

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2/20/17: Ted Todd recently sponsored "An Evening with the Red Sox 2017" CCCS guys pictured are: Norris Kruse, Kevin Loftus, Rich Strodoski, Paul Welch, Gary Bowers, Conrad Madaleno, Tom Turton, Mark "Slugger" Lauer, Larry Witherby.  Thanks Ted! Go Yankees

11/24/16-Thursday                                                                Happy Thanksgiving

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                                                                                                                   Happy Thanksgiving from all the guys

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                                              Ned Bentz with his "pride and joy"                                                                                          Tom, Roger and Rich look ready for turkey

             Ryan Bennis receives 2016 "Airman of the Year/Special Operations" Award

8/25/16: The Pentagon, Washington DC. In a recent ceremony, Ryan Bennis received the 2016 "Airman of the Year/Special Operations award presented by Lt. General John Raymond, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, USAF, Washington DC. In addition, Ryan received three Heroism Awards and the Purple Heart for his bravery in Afghanistan. He was promoted to Staff Sergeant and resides at Pope Airfield, North Carolina. Congratulations Ryan we are very proud of you!

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                                                                                                                                                                         Ryan Bennis receives award from Lt General John Raymond

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                                                    2017 Tournament Action

July 2017 Quad Cities, Iowa - Several CCSS guys played in the SSUSA "Quad Cities"  70's tournament and took time out to pose in attached photo. Bowers and Jenkins won the tournament while Douglas and Felver finished second.

Front: Rich Douglas, "Rocky" Blaschke. Rear:

John Fricke, Gary Bowers, Jack Felver, Jim Jenkins

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6/11/17 Knoxville, Tenn- Team Florida, led by Bob Lehman and Jim Lyle, went 4-0 to win the ISSA "Smokey Mountain Classic" taking the final from "Hollis" in the 60's Major Plus Division. Photo below.

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6/10/17 Birmingham, Al: The Chicago "Challengers" led by CCSS's George Pappas and Gary Bowers won  "gold" in the National Senior Olympics. They took the 70D1 bracket defeating teams from, TN, NJ, and SC. Picture Below.

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6/4/17  Lakeland, Fl: Following the Reno Nevada tournament, "Venom" went 4-0 to win the top 70's bracket in FHC action. In other FHC action, Team Florida, led by Jeff Frey and Jim Lyle, went 4-0 taking 1st place in the top 60's bracket.

6/1/17 Reno, Nevada: Team "Venom" defeated the California "Omen" in the SSUSA championship round to win the Major Plus 70's .

5/7/17 The Villages: In Florida Half Century action, Team "Venom" led by Dave Reed and Pete Takos, went 4-0 in the top 70's bracket, beating arch rival "The Villages" two straight for the win. 

4/2/17 Punta Gorda: In Florida Half Century action Team Ted Todd, managed by Steve Fee, won the 70's #2 bracket defeating "Blaze 70's." Collier Classics 65's, managed by Joe Romeo, lost to Team Florida (Thunder) coming in 2nd with a 3-1 record. Also in the 70's bracket, #2 seed Team Venom defeated the top seed "Villages" however lost to team "Nor Easter" thereby allowing the Villages to take 1st place for April. 

3/26/17 Lakeland: The SSUSA Spring Nationals were held at Lakeland and Winter Haven over the weekend. Hollis won the Major Plus 60's and Venom won the Majoe Plus 70's. 

3/5/17 Tampa: In Florida Half Century action, the "Collier Classics" 65's scored 13 runs in the bottom of the 7th to stun "The Villages" 20-19 winning the bracket with a 4-0 record. Winning pitcher Mark Rennicke knocked in the tying run and Joe Romeo singled in the winning run. The "Blaze" 70's won their bracket with a perfect 4-0 record limiting the opposition to a total of 7 runs. Also, Team Florida won the top 60's bracket with a perfect 4-0 record...Congratulations to all our teams!!  

2/12/17 Auburndale, Florida. At the SSUSA Tournament of Champions completed last Sunday, Hollis Appraisals captured the 60's Major Plus championship and Venom captured the 70 Major Plus crown. Photos below.

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1/8/17 Kissimmee, Florida Half Century. It was a cold weekend with rain on Saturday and temperatures in upper 30's Sunday morning. Tournament directors stayed with the original weekend schedule however all games were "two pitch" with a 30 minute time limit.  Six teams based in the Naples area participated with four teams winning their respective brackets. Teams Venom (70's), Team Florida (60's), Team Lauer (60's), and Royal Crush (75's) won their brackets while Collier Classics (65's) and Blaze (70's) managed a close 2nd place. Congratulations to all our local players for their outstanding efforts despite adverse conditions.

                                                                                                        2016 Tournament Action

12/4/16 Lakeland, Florida Half Century State Championships. It marked the end of a 26 year run as the "Florida Legends" finished the same way they winners. The team defeated long time rival "The Villages" in a pivotal game by a score of 15-1 and then defeated "Senior Moments" 25-5 to clinch the State Final.


It was the "last hurrah" for the Legends as the team, as of January 2017, will continue as "Florida Venom" in the FHC.  The history of the Legends is truly one of softball folklore. Founded in 1989 by Tom Pacl and Lou Giovanini, the team went on to win 108 National Tournaments  and over 100 Florida Half Century Tournaments. The Legend's FHC record of 76 straight wins and 19 consecutive tournament titles still stands.  Over 100 men played for the team with 33 inducted into the Senior Softball Hall of Fame. Pat Bidelman, the only member from the original team, managed the 2016 FHC Legends along with Cliff Stratton and Pete Takos. Pat recently spoke in Venice at a memorial service for founder Lou Giovanini noting the Legends were certainly "rich in tradition and deep in player loyality and support, enabling all to climb higher and higher....what in life could be better than that."  Pat retired from softball after Sunday's game. God bless you Pat, and all the Legends...... job well done.

 Bob Schreyer

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                                                                                                                             2016 Florida Legends

12/4/16 Lakeland: In Florida Half Century action, Team Florida went 4-0 to capture the 2016 Florida State championship in the 60's top bracket. Jim Lyle and Jeff Frey led the team with big wins over arch rival "Yard Dogs" to seal the victory. 

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10/16/16: The Villages, Florida. Hollis Apprraisals, won the 60's Division Villages Tournament with a 5-1 record. CCSS's Jeff Frey led his team beating tough competition in this annual tournament.

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9/29/16: Las Vegas, Nevada- Florida "Venom" led by Tols Mihailoff and Pete Takos, won the 2016 SSUSA World Championship in the 70's Major-Plus Division. After a shakey 0-3 start, Venom came out of the losers bracket to win 5 straight games defeating teams from Colorado, Nevada, California and Washington State (2x). Phil Grimpe and Tols Mihailoff  were awarded Tournament MVP's. Note: Sadly, Phil Grimpe (back row right, red shirt) passed away 12/2/16.

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9/23/16: Las Vegas, Nevada- Hollis Appraisals, won the 2016 SSUSA World Championship in the 60's Major- Plus Division. Led by Jeff Frey, Hollis compiled a 6-2 record winning the Triple Grand Slam: SSUSA World, Eastern Region and the USA National Championship. Congratulations Hollis!

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1/10/16 Orlando, Florida Half Century: The 70's "Blaze" team led by Dick Pagliero and Dan Balagna went 4-0 to win their bracket in week-end Florida Half Century action. 

                                                                                   The 70's  "Blaze" managed by Dick Pagliero and Dan Balagna

1/31/16 Tampa: The 2016 ISSA  World Tournament of Champions concluded Sunday with two local teams winning their respective divisions. Team "Venom" managed by Tols Mihailoff and Pete Takos won the 70's Major Division and "Hollis Appraisals" led by Jeff Frey won the 60's Major Division. Photos below. 

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                                                             Team "Venom"                                                                                                                      Hollis Appraisal

      "Wounded Warriors" Win Epic Game with Dramatic Walk Off Home Run!

Saturday 2/13/16 North Collier Park: Talk about story book endings....the "Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team" defeated the "Collier County Seniors" 23-21 in classic fashion with a Matt Kinsey, three run, come-from-behind, walk off home run. The air horns sounded and the crowd went wild as Kinsey, in his final game as a "Warrior" rounded the bases following the 400 foot winner. The game was close initially as the lead changed hands several one point, it appeared the "Seniors" were finished, down 19-14 in the top of the 7th inning. Senior John Ketterman began a rally highlighted by Jeff Frey's 3 run homer and a bases clearing double by Mike Griffin......... suddenly 7 runs were on the board. It looked as if the tables were now turned on the Warriors, facing their final 3 outs down 21-19. In the bottom of the 7th, Senior-turned-Warrior John Bennis, who played with the Warriors in honor of  his wounded son Ryan, led off the inning with a triple, and quickly scored making it  21-20 Seniors. Warriors Danielle Green and Leonard Anderson both singled setting the stage for Matt Kinsey's game winning homer thereby ending all hope for a Senior victory.


This "once in a lifetime game" for the Collier Seniors, and all who attended, was just that...a once in a lifetime wonderful experience. On the other hand, the Wounded Warriors have played hundreds of games, yet they play each game as if it too is a once in a lifetime experience. Their respect, devotion, courage and enthusiasm in defending our freedom has certainly carried over to each and every event in which they compete. These "Warriors" are "our boys" and I am extremely proud of all of them.  Since their founding by Army Veteran Dave Van Sleet in 2011, this team has become one of the best-loved and most well-known signs of patriotic pride in the USA. Ironically, it was also Van Sleet's final game close by to where it all began with a golf outing fund raiser in Bonita Springs in April, 2011. Following those initial three games in the Washington area, the team has gone on to play in 135 cities throughout the USA. This was truly a great event......we all should be extremely proud.           MVP Warriors: Matt Kinsey. MVP Seniors: Jeff Frey. Winning Pitcher: Leonard Anderson.

This event has been in the works for the past 14 months. Following the event photos, I have attemped to acknowledge ALL who contributed.   Bob Schreyer

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                                                              Wounded Warriors and Collier Senior Teams Mix It Up along with Managers, Coaches and Umpires

    Click to See Matt Kinsey's Home Run------------------------>

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Collier Seniors: Top, John Bennis, Bob Sponseller, Steve Kinn, Larry Witherby, Mike Griffin, Mark Piccone, Frank Galuppo, Conrad Madaleno, Mike Warren, Jim Lyle,

John Moll, Ted Todd, Rich Lowery.

Front Row: Vin Sporanza, Gary Raimondo, Bob Schreyer, Angelo Scolieri, John Ketterman, Jim Warren, Steve Fee, Bob Lehman, Gene Gilvey, Jeff Frey,

(MIA, Augie Schiavone).

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                                                                                                                Wounded Warriors announced

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                                                                                                         Wounded Warriors and Collier Seniors-pre-game ceremonies

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                                       Pastor Glen Scott provides invocation                                              Jack Felver's Paradise Coastmen sing "America the Beautiful" and "National Anthem"

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                                    Team Collier Seniors-pre game ceremonies                                  Collier Comissioner Donna Fiala and Ted Todd prepare to throw out "1st pitch"

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                                     North Collier Fire #4 raise our flag                                                                              Ted Todd joins team after delivering "1st pitch"

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                   Wounded Warriors and Naples High Girls Softball Team                         Ted Todd, Fred Carchietta, Bob Schreyer, Josh Wege, Cody Rice, Gary Raimondo


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                     Warrior Josh Wege and team-mates present retiring Manager and founder Dave Van Sleet with a token of the team's appreciation

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                          Fred Carchietta takes a well deserved breather at the "Patio" restaurant in Naples after the game. Great job Fred and thank you!

Acknowledgments: Thanks to all those who made the game possible.

>The Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team with Manager and Founder Dave Van Sleet.

>Fred Carchietta and his WWAST committee, Sal Romano, Frank "Doc" Fusco, Rick Brunetti, John Bennis.

>Our sponsors:Ted Todd Insurance, First Florida Integrity Bank, Naples, Florida (Senior VP Heather Tice, Chairman Gary Tice and State Senator Garrett Richter).

>Our Donors: Two Vins Semper Fi, Dyncorp International,  The Patio Cafe, Hialeah Casino, A1 Golf Cart Express, Naples High Girls Softball Team.

>Collier Senior Uniforms supplied by Jeff Frey. 

>North Collier County Park Officials: Arik Garcia, Rick Garby.

>Collier Athletic Filed Maintenance: Don Garby, Antonio Paias, Roberto Torres.

>North Collier Fire #4.

>Pastor Glen Scott.

>Jack Felver's Paradise Coastmen.

>Pre-game1st Pitch: Collier Comissioner Donna Fiala and Ted Todd.

>Umpires: Rich MeKeel, Al Murray Joe Domet, Rick Brunetti, Pat Sullivan and Fred Carchietta.

>Drivers: Max Hurt, Carmelo Alioto, Tom Gardner, Joe Miccio.

>Traffic Control: Ed Manto, Tom Sikorsky, Steve Daniel.

>Our Team Manager: Frank Galuppo.

>Our Team Coaches: Bob Sponseller, Steve Fee, Mike Warren, Conrad Madaleno, Angelo Scolieri.

>Thanks to our fantastic and entertaining announcer and play-by-play man: Bill Banfield.

> Food Vendors at NC Park.

> All those who attended and participated in this event.

>The Collier County Senior Softball Team. 

Thanks to all for we are truly blessed!  Bob Schreyer

3/6/16- Lakeland, Florida Half Century: Action this past weekend saw the "Collier Classics" managed by Ed Steele and Joe Romeo, upset the reigning State Champion "Thunder" and go on to take the top 65's bracket with 3-1 record. Mihailoff's "Thunder" hampered by injuries, and after losing a close opening game, said this: "my farm team played well and deserved the win." Mark Rennicke and Bruce Dwoskin stood out for the Classics. In other FHC action, the "Blaze" led by Dick Pagliero and John Truitt, won the 70's bracket with a 3-1 record. Blaze beat "Beach Boyz" in the opener 12-11 in what turned out to be the decisive game. Pitcher Rusty Clukey was credited with all 3 wins.

4/4/16 "Wounded Warrior" Update- Looks like a new WW team formed called the "Louisville Slugger Warriors" 

.........see Softball Magazine article. click next line   


4/10/16- Winter Haven, SSUSA Spring National Tournament: Team "Venom" led by GM Pete Takos and Field Manager Tols Mihailoff took the 70's Major Plus bracket with a 5-0 record. The team, behind  strong hitting by Larry Sample, Vince Malograno, Mike Marcum, Clyde Smith and Ed Sparkman, scored 124 runs while the defense yielded just 34 runs with key double plays by Sample, Marcum and Terry O'Donnell. Pitchers Tols Mihailoff and Clyde Smith got credit for the wins.

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                                                                                                                           Team "Venom"

                               Larry Toglia wins "Most Interesting Man" contest........

5/5/16: CCSS's Larry Toglia won the "Most Interesting Man in the World" look-a-like contest for Cinco de Mayo held at Miromar outlets. After his big win, Larry said this: "I don't often drink beer, but when I'm really thirsty, I drink plenty of lemonade." Congratulations Larry!  Bruce Dwoskin also entered the contest but was not in the running.

Image description

                                                                                                     Larry Toglia (right) pictured with runner-up

5/14/16- Pensicola, SPA Qualifier: Team "Venom" won its 3rd straight tournament going 7-0 in a highly competitive 9 team combined 65AAA/70 Major bracket. Venom defeated tough teams from Georga, Alabama and Florida, beating the Florida "Mustangs" 9-5 in the final game. Pitchers Tols Mihailoff and Clyde Smith gave up a total of 55 runs while the offence scored 127 runs. Vince Malograno, with an on base percentage of .913, was awarded MVP for the 3rd straight tournament! Congratulations to GM Pete Takos and Field Marshall Tols Mihailoff.

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                                                                                                                                        Team Venom

7/17/16- Columbia, Missouri: The "Red Weir" team won "Gold" in a Super 65' tournament held recently in Columbia, Mo. The team was led by CCSS star players Gary Bowers and pitcher Norris Kruse. Congratulations guys!

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7/30/16-Yonkers, New York: The annual Christian Federico Memorial Tournament, in honor of Lou's late son Christian, took place Saturday with 28 teams competing in a one-pitch, winner-take-all tournament.  Team "CCSS",  sponsored by Ted Todd, fielded many of our CCSS stars, along with several friends of Larry Toglia.  The CCSS players included Lou Federico, John Bennis, Tom Sikorsky, Bruce Dwoskin, Larry Toglia, Bill Velto, and Ted Todd with shirts supplied by Jeff Frey. The CCSS team had a record of 1 win and 1 loss when heavy rain ended the tournament.

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                   Board Members, Meeting Minutes, CCSS Constitution, Softball Manual

Board Of Directors:

Dan Balagna- Commissioner

John Moll-       Treasurer

Bob Schreyer- Secretary

Ned Bentz-      Director Pickup Games

Greg Gargan-  Director Safety

Stew Casterline- Director Majors

Carmelo Alioto-Director AAA

Mark Piccone- Director AAA

Bob Lehman-  Director Majors


2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Finacial as of 10/15/15

2016 Board meeting Minutes


2016 Annual Meeting Minutes


2017 Board Meeting Minutes





CCSS 2017 Softball Manual


                                                                                         Let's not forget our former players........

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                         Sheliea Gave                       Bobby Fisher                                     Warren Ziehl                                       Phil Grimpe

                         RIP 5/14/16                           RIP 3/2/16                                        RIP   7/17/16                                      RIP 12/2/16

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                        Gerry Felician               Jim Kirby                 Ray Fitzpatrick                 Jim Parejko                  Robert Gerardi                   Dan Caceres

                        RIP 7/29/15                  RIP 2/26/14                  RIP 5/9/14                   RIP 11/29/13                 RIP 11/13/09                     RIP  9/23/14